Hall Grove House System

Children from Year 3 upwards are allocated to one of the four school Houses where they will mix with pupils from the older year groups.

Each House is led by a Year 8 boy or girl with one or more Vice Captains who work hard to  encourage and engage the younger children in all areas of school life and to see that every contribution counts.

The Houses are named after birds of prey and are linked to a colour, evident in House t-shirts worn for House sports matches and music competitions.









Meetings are held every half term where the staff acknowledge all the House points and ticks (or crosses) given to the children for good work, music, behaviour, teamwork, gamesmanship etc.

Badges and shields are awarded and are proudly pinned on the pupils' uniform for that half of term.

Inter-House sports fixtures are held between year groups in each of the disciplines covered that term, competing in sports such as football, netball and, in the younger year groups, tag rugby.

Other House competitions have been held for music, poetry, public debating, chess, tug-of-war and judo and not forgetting the highly competitive Christmas Song competition!