The school firmly believes that a 'sport for all' philosophy together with a strong pursuit of excellence can operate with great success alongside each other at all levels. All children in Years 3-8 get the opportunity to play in competitive matches, either through fixtures against other schools or through the house competition system.

Throughout the school, we endeavour to give the children the opportunity to acquire and develop the knowledge, skills and understanding of a wide variety of sporting activities as they progress from Pre-Prep through to the senior part of the school. 

The ethos of the sports department is firmly embedded in the idea of every child being given the opportunity to develop their potential to the very best of their abilities. With this in mind, the children receive coaching from experienced teachers, each with their own fields of expertise.

Boys' Sport

The major games for boys are football, rugby, hockey and cricket. The school has a strong and competitive fixture list in all three terms. The success of our teams has meant that we regularly achieve success at a national level and children often represent their respective counties or equivalent at club level.

Girls' Sport

The major sports for girls are netball, hockey and cricket. Girls' sport is now firmly established on the prep schools circuit and, like the boys, are now competing at a national level.

Where appropriate, the boys and girls participate together (e.g. athletics, tennis and swimming). 

The children also get the opportunity to participate in a wide range of other sports including gymnastics, basketball, judo, cross-country running, tennis, golf, canoeing, athletics and swimming. 

Sporting Tours

Recent tours include:

  • Cricket - South Africa & Dubai 
  • Netball - Barbados, Paris, Jersey & Devon
  • Hockey - Jersey
  • Rugby - Jersey & Devon
  • Tennis - Portugal