Boarders at Hall Grove enjoy a home from home, family atmosphere in newly refurbished accommodation, benefitting from the use of our grounds and an extensive range of activities after school. The overall boarding experience provides an excellent opportunity for your child to experience staying away from home in a safe and familiar environment and to prepare them for school residential trips or boarding at senior school.

The school is able to offer boarding for up to 10 x Girls and 10 x Boys per night 7 days a week during term time. This opportunity is open to children from Year 4 upwards (younger siblings below Year 4 can be accommodated by special arrangement). We work with families to decide on the best option for them, whether it be full boarding, weekly boarding, regular flexi boarding or simply the option of a one-off stay.

Boarding at Hall Grove has many benefits:

  1. Living together enables pupils to learn about social interaction, teamwork and their responsibility to each other, whilst ensuring safeguarding measures are followed throughout. 
  2. To provide pupils with a flexible extension to the school day.
  3. To provide additional opportunities for pupils to enjoy the school’s sporting and cultural amenities.
  4. To provide supervision for evening study and music/drama practice.
  5. To provide pupils with a worthwhile experience of boarding community life in preparation for senior school entry. 
  6. To provide stability and a homely environment for those children who are boarding for extended or regular periods of time.

Please click here to see our Statement of Boarding Principles & Practice. 

Tasty suppers and hot cooked breakfasts are eaten together, with boarding staff at the same tables, in the Lighthouse dining room. Meals are prepared by one of our chefs from Thomas Franks Catering. Boarders are often joined by day pupils arriving early for breakfast or staying late for supper.

Regular evening activities run by the Hall Grove gap students include: tennis, judo, football, cycling, outdoor pursuits, wide games, magic, cookery, dance and drama. There are occasional themed evenings and outings.

If you would like to discuss any aspects of Boarding, please contact the Houseparents Barnaby Gray & Mandy Keel via email at

A satisfied current parent recently wrote:

“I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know what a fantastic job a host of teachers did looking out for our children last week as they had their first boarding experience, over three nights, allowing us to leave the country for a milestone wedding anniversary."

Please click here (link to My SchoolPortal) to complete a boarding request form. Mr Gray or Miss Keel will get back in touch to confirm availability.

Mr B Gray
Head of Boarding