Performing Arts

We passionately believe that Performing Arts are an essential part of a child’s development, helping with self-esteem, developing social skills and promoting teamwork.


Music lessons are taught by our specialist teachers to all year groups from Pre-School upwards. Pupils are encouraged to participate in both group and individual practical activities and are given opportunities for achieving high standards of music making. We want children to enjoy music in their own individual way, whether that be through listening, playing, performing or composing.

For children wishing to learn a musical instrument we have a team of 14 specialist teachers, delivering over two-hundred individual lessons in any given week. Pupils are also given the opportunity to perform on a regular basis, through our near-weekly Informal Lunchtime Concert series.

We have ten ensembles that run throughout the school week, and pupils in those groups regularly perform at school events, but also nationally and internationally. The Choristers have sung live on BBC Radio 4 for a number of years on their Daily Service programme, have sung in St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, and in the Royal Albert Hall.


Our resident dance teacher is now offering dance teaching to all pupils, from Pre-School through to Year 8, in timetabled weekly lessons. The lessons provide an opportunity for children to develop their creative and performance skills, dancing ability, and self-confidence. Children develop these skills through learning and having a go at a variety of dance styles. Plans are also in place for our very own ‘Hall Grove Dance Academy’, which will offer graded examinations in ballet, tap and modern for all ages. Dance performances held throughout the year allow students to showcase their work, whilst having fun with their friends and creating memories they will never forget.


Drama is a busy and vibrant part of our performing arts teaching. Pupils are taught in dedicated, timetabled lessons and work towards a range of productions throughout the school year. Central to this teaching is the building of self-confidence through ensemble work. Practicing and performing in front of peers and parents, teaches valuable movement, presentation and vocal projection skills which are embedded for life. Trinity Speech and Drama lessons are also offered, with children working towards graded exams.