Aims & Values


The school motto is a reminder to us all to 'Do your duty, come what may'

We aim to:

  • Provide a safe, secure and happy environment.
  • Offer a broad and balanced curriculum with a commitment to academic, cultural and sporting excellence.
  • Have a distinctive family atmosphere with a strong sense of community and a high level of pastoral care where children and staff can flourish.
  • Offer a sense of fun, enjoyment and adventure.
  • Provide opportunities for developing leadership and citizenship qualities and for making a positive contribution to the school and its local community.
  • Develop pupils as individuals who are self-reliant, confident, courteous, independent thinkers, open-minded and fair.
  • Enrich the curriculum through Outdoor Pursuits and Performing Arts.


The school cherishes the traditional values and encourages each and every pupil to:

  • Be kind and gentle

  • Be respectful

  • Be a good listener

  • Be hard-working

  • Be honest and truthful

  • Be polite and thoughtful


We are a country school, giving space and freedom for teaching and learning.

We are a co-educational school where boys and girls can grow up together. We are a modern and forward-looking school where all who live, work and visit are made to feel most welcome. 

Academic standards are high and our pupils consistently achieve well in both Common Entrance and Senior School entrance examinations.  Details of the destination schools for the last school year are published for parents in our School Notes publication in the Summer Term, which is also available on request to prospective parents.  In recent years pupils have won major scholarships to Bradfield College, Caterham, Charterhouse, Tonbridge, Eton, Hampton, Harrow, St George’s College Weybridge, Wellington College, Westminster, and Whitgift.  There is an outstanding Classics department that regularly achieves top grades for its pupils in Latin and Greek.  Science, Technology and Performing Arts are popular subjects.