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After School CARE (by 360 sports education, Twilight and Clubs)

After School Provision

There are three options for after school care:

  • 360 Club - by 360 sports education

    Hall Grove pupils in Reception and Years 1 - 4. As part of the provision, buttered toast and jam will also be provided.

    Cost and Timings

    The club will run from 1530 to 1800, Monday to Friday during term time only. The cost per half hour is £5. 360 staff will take the children to the start of the club which will be based in The Barn.

    Easy Online Booking System

    We have developed a user-friendly, fully secure, easy-to-use online booking system where parents are able to set up a secure account and easily book their child onto the 360 Club.  

To register:

  • Complete the registration form by clicking on this link: https://360sportseducation.com/register
  • Await registration email and follow instructions to confirm your email address
  • Login to your newly registered account and add your child/children details to your parent account
  • You are now ready to book the Hall Grove 360 Club


If you already have an existing account with 360 sports education you can simply login and book the days and times you require by clicking on the ‘Book HALL GROVE SCHOOL 360 Club’ banner. If you are new to 360 sports education you will need to register an online account.

Twilight is available to children in Years 3 to 8 from the end of their school day until 1745. This is primarily for supervised prep, rather than play activities, and is also there for those parents who need some occasional after-school care. The charge for Twilight, like 360 Club, will be £5 per half-hour. Where there will be a regular booking, or when advance notice can be given, children should be booked in for sessions through the School Office. Twilight is for children wanting to work on prep and for quiet reading - it is not intended as a long-term childcare solution and those in Year 5 or below who want supervised play or 'winding-down' time should be booked into our clubs programme or 360.

After School Clubs - Information for the termly clubs will be sent out via email during the previous term. The cost for any clubs you choose will be added to your school bill. The charge is currently £80 per club per term. Clubs operate according to demand – it may be that if there is not enough take-up for a certain one then it may have to be cancelled for the term. Numbers for some clubs do have to be limited due to the nature of the activity and we may not be able to grant your choice if there is too much demand. Certain externally-led clubs are booked directly rather than through the school and details are available each term. 

If you are running late to collect your child please notify the school office and arrangements will be made for your child to go to 360 Club/Twilight.