Design Technology



The introduction of ‘Mindset’ thinking has brought a refreshing and new approach to our idea generation, and project work sees children explore the unconventional and take risks! Projects follow a design process where children start with a brief before developing initial ideas to achieve a final concept design, product or model. 

Pupils work with a variety of mediums, utilising sheet acrylic, wood, card, string, chicken wire, Modrock and a variety of textiles to assist them in solving their design problems. They learn basic techniques for accurate measuring, marking out, cutting and joining, and Technical Drawing is taught (with a focus on Isometric drawing) to enable pupils to create accurate 3D drawings. We have a strong focus on learning through practical experiences and whether they are cutting, joining and sanding wooden bookends, wiring up a hovercraft or bending and polishing acrylic, pupils are ‘hands-on’ and they learn how to work materials to achieve a quality finish.

We have recently introduced the 3D modelling computer package 'Sketch-Up' and pupils are now producing astonishing prototypes using a 3D printer. The 'Buggy' project is one of our most popular topics with Year 8, where pupils are challenged to design and build a vehicle which can drive across a tricky obstacle course. The course features climbs, descents, gravel, sand and water and the 3D printer was used by several pupils to fabricate some ingenious 'toothed' wheels. 

The DT cabin has a workshop feel (with a touch of Heath Robinson!) and whilst it contains many practical tools, creativity, imagination and endeavour remain the most important of all.