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Dance and Drama



One of the joys of both dance and drama is their ability to transport you to any place, at any time, and as any character. It is a chance for pupils to immerse themselves within a setting where anything can happen, with the opportunity to address any challenge, the only limitation being one’s own imagination.

At Hall Grove we are extremely proud to offer ‘Dance and Drama’ as a subject within its own right, enabling every child in Pre-Prep, Middle and Upper School to enjoy weekly lessons. Challenging the mind, voice and body we believe Dance and Drama is key to educating the ‘whole self’ and as a result we develop dynamic children, rich in ideas, character and confidence.

In addition to providing theatre trips, specialist workshops and welcoming onsite performers we host a talent show, ‘Hall Grove’s Got Talent’, which has included everything from Bollywood dancing to a rendition of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody".

The opportunity for children to create, rehearse and perform work is highly valued and Hall Grove now enjoys a reputation for excellence in the performing arts. We believe Dance and Drama encourages teamwork, creativity and self-expression, however, above all we have lots and lots of fun!