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Hall Grove prides itself in its advanced and well stocked pottery where the children learn making techniques, terminology and then follow the process through to glaze firing. Clay is a highly versatile and addictive medium with which to work, allowing the individual to explore expression and conversation in a different manner as well as developing dexterity and fine motor skills.

There is a wide range of skills taught at Hall Grove including coiling, pinching, and hard and soft slab building using slab roller and a variety of moulds and formers. We also have a section of the pottery devoted to throwing with two electric wheels and 5 kick wheels. Pupils will be encouraged to start a two dimensional design process which will include aspects of proportion and scale. A relationship between colour, form and surface texture will be encouraged using the wide range of natural oxides, slips and glazes that will be on going in development. The first firing (biscuit) allows the children to safely handle their creation whilst deciding which colours and patterns to apply before the second firing. This second high or low firing with glazes often produces surprising results and is an area that encourages an acceptance of the unpredictable, therefore encouraging flexibility of mind...as well as increasing cathartic dexterity and special awareness.

There will be many areas of study covering historical, cultural, and social themes.

Recent topics include:

  • Shell and Natural forms
  • Artists such as Matisse, Klee, Picasso and Clarice Cliff – often Tate Gallery-related
  • Portraits and caricatures  
  • Surface decoration, pattern and embellishment incorporating different cultures
  • Egypt, Africa and countries linked to their curriculum
  • Endless Form and Function discussions with functional work.


Popular after school ceramics clubs are available for children where they are invited to explore their creative talent. For more information on clubs and the carousel, please contact the school office.