Pre-Prep Art is mainly done in the classroom (occasionally the Art Room) and will follow the topics being covered that term. Year 3 upwards use the spacious, specialist Art Room and follow a range of projects which teach a variety of skills in a wide range of media.

Close links to the curriculum are maintained in the Middle School, whilst the Upper School develop more specific art skills like portraiture, sculpture and printing. Most projects include links to artists or periods in history to broaden and deepen knowledge and understanding. A visiting artist may visit to share their expertise.

In all years, most work begins with observation and drawing, then develops to allow the children to produce more individual outcomes, often concentrating on specific skills and techniques. In the Upper School, many projects involve some three-dimensional work and an introduction to the techniques and ideas of a range of artists.

All the children have the opportunity to use a wide range of materials and techniques so as to develop their passion and knowledge of the subject and to find out what it is they enjoy most and excel at.

A variety of external competitions are entered by the pupils and we have had considerable success each year in the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation Schools' Global Art Competition with many pieces of artwork being displayed in the Natural History Museum, London. 

Recent themes include:

  • Year 3 - Still life painting, Klimt style composition, Roman shields
  • Year 4 - Natural form print design, Viking ships
  • Year 5 - Figure drawing into Giacometti style sculpture, group entry into DSWF competition
  • Year 6 - Portraiture into Expressionism
  • Year 7 - Mythical creatures in 3D construction
  • Year 8 - Silk painting, Silk screen printing onto T- shirts and 3D construction sculpture


Above all, it is a matter of loving art not just understanding it.          Fernand Léger