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Attainment Descriptors

Year 3 – Year 6 Attainment Descriptors

These descriptors relate to attainment in a particular year group and evaluate a child’s knowledge, skills and understanding on specific work in this half term.


A - Exceeding

  • has readily mastered new concepts and skills while building up an excellent body of knowledge
  • makes rapid progress when challenged and is a self-motivated learner who is able to work independently


B - Secure

  • is making good progress  
  • has developed a deep understanding of key concepts and can work independently.
  • able to make connections between different subject areas and draw on knowledge and understanding without prompts


C - Developing

  • is making progress and has been able to acquire sufficient new skills, concepts and knowledge to enable each stage of learning to be meaningful
  • can apply these in familiar contexts


D - Emerging

  • has some difficulty in acquiring knowledge and skills in this subject but is making progress
  • has developed some understanding of key concepts but generally finds it difficult to apply what has been taught and is dependent on support